Monday, 18 May 2015


My Rating: 8/10

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD is just... well mad... It's a feature length action packed car chase weaved through a relatively basic, but powerful plot. Right from the start I was at the edge of my seat, straight away invested in where Max's journey would take him.

Before I begin bringing up any negative points, I must make it clear that these issues are relatively small among the grand scale of cinematic art that this feature is. The driving action, cinematography, stunts and interesting characters will make this an instant DVD purchase for me. 

Some people online are both negatively and positively saying that Charlize Theron's 'Furiosa' character is more of a main character than Tom Hardy's 'Max' (Unlike previous films). 
I would argue that both of these were equal main characters in both heroics and screen time. It's just that it was Furiosa's story that was being told. In fact, I would have preferred more of Furiosa's backstory revealed as it seemed to only scratch the surface. But for what it was, great performance from Charlize Theron. One of my favourite scenes is when Furiosa attempts to kill Max.

I absolutely love the way Max was written into this film. Beginning with him as an incidental part of a much bigger event. Working his way in, to be an integral part of the plot a little further into the script. It kept me anxious, watching how he was to become involved and how he would escape. Tom Hardy's physical performance is excellent. His subtle hand gestures and facial expressions speak perfectly for Max's character. Unfortunately, there were quite a few moments that Tom Hardy began talking a bit like BANE. Clearer speaking please Tom, I have no idea what you're saying. 

Nicholas Hoult's character 'Nux' was another brilliant highlight. The performance is both insane and thoughtful. His character ends up being the most human and relatable one on screen. It's the quality in writing of characters like Nux and Furiosa that I feel, separate the original trilogy from FURY ROAD.

Before I conclude I wanted to throw in some nitpicks. For one, the leads come across a tribe in the desert. They have obviously been there a while and had to leave a previously destroyed home. This tribe appear to be surviving in the desert, with their own security setup as well. But when they are asked where home is, they say there is none.
Then how can they be surviving in the desert? Where do they find water and shelter? Where do they keep their bikes? Do they just sit in the sand all day? 

Also the film does not give too much time to really flesh out these tribe characters either but they're still involved in some awesome action scenes.
Oh yeah, action scenes... you may need to press pause and go for a milkshake and a sleep (Or whatever you do to relax) before continuing when you get this on DVD. 
There was a flame thrower guitar player dude that seemed to me a bit Brutal Legend and it was awesome. 

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD. You won't have seen a film quite like this one, and you probably won't for a while. The action is 10/10 and there is enough great plot in there for the viewer to be fully invested.

If you're looking for some more space to breath among the carnage... maybe just sit down and watch the previous films. But if you're looking for mega action packed screaming drums madness, see FURY ROAD. Also great soundtrack...

Rotten Tomatoes Rating:98%
IMDB Rating:8.8/10

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Spongebob Squarepants: Sponge Out Of Water Movie Review

Spongebob Squarepants: Sponge Out Of Water
My Rating: 4/10

Watching something like Spongebob Squarepants, it is not out of place to expect some funny moments. I loved the original series as a kid and also enjoyed the first film adaptation (That a lot of people did not.) Personally, I thought the first film was both smart and funny. This one is neither.
Sponge Out of Water is, for the most part, kind of boring. There are definitely some good ideas thrown in there, like having Plankton and Spongebob team up! This is such a great idea and I could see something interesting TRYING to break free. But nothing. 

If one were to ask me if I found the film funny, I'd say.... "Well... there was this ONE scene." That's right! One scene made me laugh out loud. It involved a dolphin played by Brit actor, Matt Berry.  It is such an absurd idea with brilliant visuals and a great voice performance from Berry. I give that scene a 10/10. 

The scenes with Zorro himself, Antonio Banderas and a bunch of annoying CGI seagulls were boring and hardly helped push the plot at all. 
The lovable character of the past, Patrick, is now really selfish and deliberately mean to Spongebob. (Although I have since discovered this was actually a development made in the modern TV series between films.)

Sandy the Squirrel is interesting for a few minutes as she becomes somewhat of a conspiracy nut (lol) I would have loved to have seen more of this. 
Squidward is practically not in this film, and when he does appear at the end as a magical super hero he seems to be out of character.

Now I have to talk about the whole CGI aspect of the picture, as it seems to be the most advertised feature. Well, it's fun at first. The characters all get their crazy powers and start blowing stuff up. Once the jokes are done we are just watching the most boring fight scene with Antonio Banderas that just goes on way too long. Boring direction, boring boring boring.

The look of the CGI is fine, but does not really make sense when the characters have been able to travel to the real world without needing to change dimensions in past films/episodes. I admit that's a silly nitpick but it just bugged me. 

All that negativity aside, as a 2d film most of it looks pretty and is refreshing to see on a big screen in these desperate times. The travelling montages are very fun, experimental and have a great tune by Pharrell Williams that kind of speaks for the whole films style. 

But ultimately the film has bad pacing, it's not funny and the plot is only half interesting. But there is a hilarious scene involving a dolphin. 
Go watch the first film if you want to watch something with actual personality. 
"I'm ready, depression. I'm ready, depression."

Rotten Tomatoes Rating:78%
IMDB Rating:6.4/10