Saturday, 11 April 2015

Shaun the Sheep Movie Review

Shaun the Sheep Movie
My Rating: 9/10

I think this might be the best feature length film Aardman have done and it is without any dialogue! Don't get me wrong, I have a soft spot for most of their feature length films. Chicken Run was until this day my favourite with it's great pacing and ideas. Not to mention it looked fantastic. But it was missing some beat humour previously seen in Aardman shorts. Also the ending was a bit too bugs life for me. 
Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit was enjoyable mainly because it was Wallace and Gromit but it's predictability was just urgh. Flushed Away had a great structure, a better story than previous and some great jokes. But visually, it's not going to beat that stop-motion charm Aardman are known for. Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists was sure enjoyable but did fall on a kind of weak story and not enough quick fire gags. 

The latest installment Shaun the Sheep Movie delivers on pretty much all you may have been hoping for. 
Best of all, it's pretty much a silent movie. None of the lead animal characters talk and the humans only speak in dramatic mumbles. This gives opportunity for the stop-motion animators to really concentrate on the subtle facial expressions of the models. I was watching a moment Shaun came to a realisation and noticed as his eye lids reacted in such a small but perfect way I knew exactly how he felt. 

The story is entertaining and there is literally a visual gag around every corner. It never feels like it's dragging on and the characters are as lovable as ever.

You don't need to see the series to enjoy this film, although it may help to get to know some of the sheep in the flock better. Unfortunately, the story does not really offer much space for the side characters to shine like they may have done on TV. But it's not that important as they are represented as side characters, and not underdeveloped main characters.  (Like in Big Hero 6). The main plot here revolves around a simple idea involving Shaun the Sheep and the Farmer.

The only complaint I would give this film is I'd like to have seen more of the developing friendship between Shaun and Bitzer (Thank goodness they went back to the original design) as it is sometimes implyed while they still seem quite distant. Again, this is something that is shown more in the series. But as I assume Shaun and Bitzer both feel the same way about the Farmer I'd expect they'd connect more during the adventure to find him.

Shaun the Sheep Movie reminded me of the original three Wallace and Gromit episodes as well as classic British humour of the past, like Mr. Bean! (Another mostly silent piece) 
This is kind of the Mr. Bean movie we never got. 
Plus the soundtrack was great accompanying the animation, including the two pop star guests, Eliza Doolittle and RizzleKicks. Both of which I am a fan of."

Wooo! Go see it and check out the detail in that Charity Shop.

Rotten Tomatoes Rating:100%
IMDB Rating:7.6/10

Friday, 10 April 2015

Home Review

My Rating: 7/10

"I was not sure what to expect going in. From the trailers I was not a fan of the alien designs. Plus I have a personal grudge against CGI 3D sometimes that I won't let distract this review. Also, it's Dreamworks (Hit and miss).
Thankfully 'Home' is a Hit. The story is charming, the friendship is wonderful between the two leads. Even the side characters are quite funny. The main human lead, Tip, is such an amazingly constructed 3D model. Definately one of the best designed female characters in CGI film so far. Plus, I was shocked to discover Rihanna did the voice! And she is excellent!

While the story is charming it does rely a lot on emotionally drawn out musical moments. Personally I believe there are way too many of these. On the other hand, it does give the animators a brilliant chance to flesh out that character animation, it looks so good.

I really liked the scenes where the two characters were wondering around the city. The idea of one human in this taken over world is very enjoyably apocalyptic. 

My biggest complaint about this otherwise wonderful film is it does the stupid Disney 'you think they're dead' ending. Blimey, have we not seen that enough? Alan Partridge and Spongebob have already made the best jokes with it. NO MORE. It's predictable, yes, even to the kids. It took me completely out of the moment. I'm sorry if you think this is a spoiler. I don't see it as one as it did not push the plot or character development in any way. 

Soundtrack is not too bad either with Red Balloon by Charlie XCX as well as a really good track by Rihanna, Towards the Sun. If you're going to the cinema and you can't find anything to watch, go see this great flick. If not, just wait for the DVD. You're not missing out on a masterpiece."

Rotten Tomatoes Rating:46%
IMDB Rating:6.8/10